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“We are building dozens of new apps, with in-depth BI and reporting for our company, thanks to the fourTENS Speed-to-Value approach.”

  • Creating some great looking K2 Smartforms using Tables
    In our next installment, Joe Halfman – Senior Solutions Consultant at fourTENS, will show you how you can get amazing results on your K2 Smartforms by tweaking your list views and using embedded tables. Both videos are examples of simple, but powerful techniques you can use to help your end users view their information inContinue reading “Creating some great looking K2 Smartforms using Tables”
  • Making the most of your K2 Smartforms investment
    Want to see how you can get some amazing results by changing your K2 SmartForms List View Styling? If so, visit our YouTube channel and take a look at a 5 minute session that shows you how to make small tweaks and generate forms that your K2 users will love!
  • Welcome Joe Halfman
    We are excited to have Joe Halfman join our team at fourTENS. Joe has a wealth of DPA and process automation experience. He joins us from K2, where he worked as a technologist. If you are looking to work with Joe and the fourTENS team, let us know!

Why fourTENS?

“fourTENS are my trusted partner in building out K2 Apps quickly. I turn to them every time we have a new project to automate.”

Senior Manager – Major Airline

“When the Covid-19 crisis hit, fourTENS were there to help us digitize our paper forms, and empower our users to work remotely.”

State and Local Customer

Whether it is a Digital Process Automation Project, using Robotic Process Automation Tools or unlocking Business Intelligence data from your organization, fourTENS can help you.

We specialize in these three areas:


fourTENS can help with the end-to-end journey to establish your Digital Workforce with Automation Anywhere and UiPath. From building an automation pipeline, to feasibility analysis, automation design and development to bot deployments and establishing a Digital Workforce that brings speed-to-value.


We specialize in providing your business with the support that you deserve to get the most out of your DPA investment. Over 40 years of combined experience leveraging low-code platforms, successfully solving business process problems in various industries, we are equipped to handle any business problem thrown our way.


Get the right data to the right people at the right time. Reporting has never been this exciting and as Business-to-IT champions we understand what business leaders need and how to get it to them technically with tools like PowerBI, Tableau and Alteryx.