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    fourTENS Consultants focuses on knowledge sharing

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    fourTENS consultants are proven DPA and RPA experts with the highest recognized skills

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    fourTENS consultants can plan, lead, or plug into any business project at any stage of the development life cycle

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Robotics Process Automation

fourTENS can help with the end-to-end journey to establish your Digital Workforce with Automation Anywhere and UiPath. From buildng an automation pipeline, to feasibility analysis, automation design and development to bot deployments and establishing a Digital Workforce that brings speed-to-value.

Digital Process Automation

We specialize in providing your business with the support that you deserve to get the most out of your DPA investment. Over 40 years of combined experience leveraging low-code platforms, successfully solving business process problems in various industries, we are equipped to handle any business problem thrown our way.

Data Visualization

Get the right data to the right people at the right time. Reporting has never been this exciting and as Business-to-IT champions we understand what business leaders need and how to get it to them technically with tools like PowerBI, Tableau and Alteryx.

  • "fourTENS had their finger on the pulse, from beginning to end, during our migration to Office365 giving us a sense of security - this type of supportive service is hard to come by nowadays. We'll use them for all our upcoming projects"

    Andre van Jaarsveld - VRSteel LLC

Latest news

fourTENS establishes strategic partnership with Automation Anywhere

November 27, 2019

In order to support our customers on their digital transformation journey, by providing robust automation solutions, we have established a partnership with Automation Anywhere. Automation Anywhere's easy-to-use platform will further help us deliver speed-to-value applications to our customers.

LucidChart Partnership Announced

August 8, 2019

As we continue to leverage LucidChart as our go-to design tool we have forged a relationship with LucidChart to better support our customers on this awesome tool.

fourTENS brings DPA and RPA together with UiPath

March 28, 2019

With K2 and UiPath's native integration and the overlap between DPA and RPA it only makes sense for fourTENS and UiPath to join forces. This partnership allows fourTENS to offer customers holistic automation solutions.

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