fourTENS is a nintex partner

We are excited to announce that fourTENS is an official nintex – – partner. There are tremendous opportunities to help our customers utilize their existing K2 and nintex investments. Our team are all completing their new certifications on the nintex product stack and will be using their DPA/RPA experience to offer more ways toContinue reading “fourTENS is a nintex partner”

Robotic Process Automation in Finance

The next industry where Robotic Process Automation can play a significant role is in Finance. EY have put together an insightful summary on the impact of robotics led finance functions and the way this industry can leverage automation. They call out the following processes: 1. Bank Reconciliation2. Sales Ordering and Invoicing3. Fixed Asset Management4. FinancialContinue reading “Robotic Process Automation in Finance”

Robotic Process Automation in Retail

One of the industries where Robotic Process Automation – RPA – can add a tremendous amount of value is in Retail. The automation of data in the retail industry is a never ending series of tasks that involve everything around a transaction. It sounds straightforward, but any retailer will tell you it isn’t. In simpleContinue reading “Robotic Process Automation in Retail”

The COVID-19 Crisis Will Accelerate Enterprise Automation Plans

Our partner Automation Anywhere recently released a great Forrester Research report on the impact of Covid-19. In this report, “The COVID-19 Crisis Will Accelerate Enterprise Automation Plans,” Forrester Research addresses how COVID-19 is affecting the state of business and how to maintain resilience beyond the pandemic. Well worth reading

Help during the Covid-19 crisis

During this time of crisis, the team at fourTENS has been building K2 apps for our customers to help weather the storm created by this Corona Virus. Here is what one of our customers recently said about a fourTENS team member: “Thank you Wendy!   I’ve said it before and I will probably say it againContinue reading “Help during the Covid-19 crisis”

The Speed to Value Methodology in Action

Click here to see the fourTENS session from K2 FWD Hear from the fourTENS team, as we showcase the fourTENS Speed to Value methodology to enable you to quickly and efficiently achieve K2 project success.  During this session we will show you real numbers, costs and examples of how customers have implemented K2 processes inContinue reading “The Speed to Value Methodology in Action”