Creating some great looking K2 Smartforms using Tables

In our next installment, Joe Halfman – Senior Solutions Consultant at fourTENS, will show you how you can get amazing results on your K2 Smartforms by tweaking your list views and using embedded tables. Both videos are examples of simple, but powerful techniques you can use to help your end users view their information inContinue reading “Creating some great looking K2 Smartforms using Tables”

fourTENS is a nintex partner

We are excited to announce that fourTENS is an official nintex – – partner. There are tremendous opportunities to help our customers utilize their existing K2 and nintex investments. Our team are all completing their new certifications on the nintex product stack and will be using their DPA/RPA experience to offer more ways toContinue reading “fourTENS is a nintex partner”

Robotic Process Automation in Finance

The next industry where Robotic Process Automation can play a significant role is in Finance. EY have put together an insightful summary on the impact of robotics led finance functions and the way this industry can leverage automation. They call out the following processes: 1. Bank Reconciliation2. Sales Ordering and Invoicing3. Fixed Asset Management4. FinancialContinue reading “Robotic Process Automation in Finance”

Robotic Process Automation in Retail

One of the industries where Robotic Process Automation – RPA – can add a tremendous amount of value is in Retail. The automation of data in the retail industry is a never ending series of tasks that involve everything around a transaction. It sounds straightforward, but any retailer will tell you it isn’t. In simpleContinue reading “Robotic Process Automation in Retail”