Ben Freedman

Ben is a Senior Solutions Consultant at fourTENS. Ben is a long-time, experienced user of the Microsoft Power Platform.

Ben lives in South Florida and isn’t shy about taking the occasional MS Teams call while strolling next to the beach. He grew up in Minnesota and has vowed to stay out of the cold for the rest of his days. His favorite place to relax is deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  

He is a very talented musician and chef and loves percussion. When he isn’t drumming up exciting new dishes and cooking for his friends and family, he whips up exciting drinks in his extensive home bar.

Ben marches to his own beat, and his house is well stocked with small percussion instruments he collects from all over the world.

If he could travel to any moment in time, Ben would go back to show his mom how his life turned out and introduce her to his wife and kids.