Cory Jolly

Cory is a Senior Solutions Consultant at fourTENS. He specializes in the Microsoft Power Platform.

A son of Ohio, Cory was born and raised in Greenville, loves all the fun that Cincinnati offers and lives “in the country,” outside of Sidney, Ohio.

He joined the U.S. Army at 18 and took a big step, living thousands of miles from home and everything and everyone he knew. He counts it a challenging, but very rewarding way to learn how to navigate life, develop himself, and be independent.

Other than his deep love of all things Motocross and outdoors, Cory is sneakily athletic, and a dark horse trying new sports and activities out for the first time. In his spare time, he loves to quench his thirst for knowledge, and he loves collecting and reading books. Old and new.

If he had a chance, Cory would go back to the day Nikola Tesla invented the AC induction motor in 1887 – It would be interesting to see his innovative process and the early days of his successes.