1. fourTENS

Our Story

fourTENS was started by former DPA vendor employees and is quickly growing into a leader in delivering Digital Transformation solutions. We noticed a gap between IT and Business and decided to live right in the middle to pave the ways to value. We leverage a set of rules called the Speed-to-Value framework to deliver value to our customers early on and then continue to improve their value. This allows customers to see earlier ROI and accelerate their digital transformation journey. We are experts in our fields and pride ourselves in hiring individuals that have proven expierence as well as growing talent fromt he ground up. As a firm believer in work-life balance the fourTENS leadership has long since admired the idea of the 4-days/10-hour work week. Modern times call for new work schedules and and the name fourTENS stands for more than the application of the theory but rather reflects flexibility incorporated into our daily lives. We work hard, and deliver on our promises.

Core Values

Transparency. Collaboration. Respect. Partnership.