Nate Keil

Nate is a Solutions Consultant at fourTENS. He specializes in the Nintex K2 product set.

He lives in St. Paul, MN and grew up in Minneapolis. The nomadic blood flows strong in Nate and he loves to travel; anywhere and often.

After buying a 30-year-old BMW, he decided to drive it from California to Minnesota, just to see if it would make it. Which is a good thing, given that he is a tinkerer and can make or fabricate most things he needs for his vast array of hobbies.

When Nate isn’t practicing his love for photography, he collects bad cars – especially VW Vans, and makes them better.

A favorite moment in time for Nate is the Live Aid 1985 concert or Jimi Hendrix live – which he would have loved to attend in person.

His philosophy in life is simple: Keep smiling at people. Everybody has something going on. No matter where you are, people are the most important thing.