Terrence Hall

Terrence is a Senior Solutions Consultant at fourTENS. He specializes in the Microsoft Power Platform.

He lives in Dallas, TX and grew up in Chicago, IL. He considers the move to Texas, leaving his family and only knowing a single Texan at the time, one of the biggest risks he’s taken.

Terrence is a very accomplished collegiate athlete and was a triple threat at his school. His accomplishments in Track, Basketball and Football lead him to become team captain in all of the sports he excelled in. He loves to pick up a game of basketball on the weekends and is constantly impressing with his skills.

He loves to collect cologne from all over the world, mix things up and creating a brand of his own, and spending time cruising in his custom German saloon car.

If he could travel to any moment in time, Terrence would visit Washington, DC on August 28th, 1963 to be a part of the march on Washington and be present for Martin Luther Kings “I have a Dream” speech.